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Reward Points

Reward Yourself with a Great Rewards Card
When you use your Great Rewards Card, not only do you get a low interest rate on your balance, you also earn one point for every dollar you spend with NO limit on the points you can earn each year. Use your points for flights, hotel reservations, merchandise, gift cards, CFCU service fees and cash!

Pay for everyday purchases with your GREAT Rewards Credit Card and get rewarded! Visit CURewards to learn more about travel and merchandise rewards.  Or, refer to the information below to find out more about how to use your points for cash rewards or to offset CFCU service charges.

Reward Rules

  • Points are earned on net purchases, excluding cash advances, balance transfers and convenience checks. 
  • Earn 1 Point for every $1 spent (Net Purchases)
  • No annual cap on points earned
  • Points expire after 5 years

    Cash Rewards

    1. Cash rewards can be issued either as a credit to your credit card or to any deposit account at Community First
    2. Cash rewards require a minimum of 5,000 points to redeem
    3. To redeem points for cash rewards, call Community First at 920-830-7200 or 866-273-2328, or visit one of our convenient locations to complete a redemption form
      $25 5,000
      $50 10,000
      $100 15,000
      $150 20,000
      $250 25,000
      $300 30,000
      $350 35,000
      $400 40,000
      $450 45,000
      $500 50,000

    Service Charge Options

    CFCU FEES              


    Overdraft Fee    $25 5,000
    Stop Payment    $25 5,000
    ACH Return    $25 5,000
    Overdraft Transfer    $12 2,400
    Returned Check    $12 2,400
    Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer    $10 2,000
    Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer
    International Wire Transfer






    Affordable Money Market    $15 3,000
    Ultimate Money Market    $15 3,000
    Member's Choice    $25 5,000
    CFCU Checks    $13 2,600
    Safe Deposit Fees    $20- $75 4,000-15,000