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Home PersonalCheckingDebit Card Overdraft Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Debit Card Overdraft Services

These questions and answers may be helpful to you as you consider your choice regarding Debit Card Overdraft Services.  However, please know that we are ready to answer your questions in person at any of our branches, by phone or via email to

Q. I already have overdraft protection, why do I have to sign up for it now?
A. The regulation, you must sign-up to continue overdraft services specifically for your debit card transactions. Otherwise your debit card purchases may be declined if you do not have enough money in your account.  Your other overdraft protection for checks and other transactions will continue as they have in the past.

Q. I've never overdrawn my account (or have only used it once or twice); I don't need debit card overdraft services.
A. You may never need it. Sometimes, though, mistakes can happen through no fault of your own.  By opting-in, you can avoid the additional inconvenience of having your debit card transactions declined.  Remember, the protection costs you nothing if you never use it. 

Q. If I don't have the money, I don't want to overdraw my account.
A. From time to time, unintentional overdrafts can happen.  By opting-in, you can avoid the additional inconvenience of having your debit card transactions denied.  Remember, this protection costs you nothing if you never use it.  

Q. How much does it cost?

A. If you never use overdraft services for your debit card, it costs you nothing. It's just there in case you need it. In the event you would make a purchase and not have enough money in your account, the overdraft fee would be $25 per transaction (with a limit of 6 overdraft fees/day).

Q. What happens if I don't sign the consent form?
A. By not making a selection, your account will automatically be excluded from overdraft services for your debit card.  As a result, if you do not have enough money in your account, your debit card transaction will be declined at the point-of-purchase (in a store or online) and you will need to find another source of payment, which can be inconvenient and embarrassing. 

Q. If I opt-in or opt-out, can I change my mind later?
A. Yes. You may change your selection at anytime.  Simply contact Community First.

Q. Does my spouse (or any joint member) have to sign also?
A. No.  Just one account owner's consent is needed.

Q. If my account is overdrawn am I still charged $25.00 for each debit card purchase?
A. If you choose to have Debit Card Overdraft Services on your account, a $25 fee will apply for each debit card transaction that overdraws your account. The total number of $25 overdraft fees (from any source) you can receive in a single day Iis limited to six. Likewise, the protection costs you nothing if you never use it. 

Q. So, if I opt-out I never have to pay overdraft fees again?
A. Not necessarily, you will only not cause and pay for an overdraft caused by your debit card. You will continue to have Overdraft Protection for checks and other transactions on your account under our standard overdraft practices. Opt-ing out will only affect purchases made with your debit card, declining those when there isn't enough money in your account.  

Q. What do I have to do if I have more than one checking account?
A.  Multiple accounts aren't a problem.  Simply make your selection for each account number. 

Q. What do you mean my card will be declined if I don't Opt-In?
A. If you do not give us permission to authorize a purchase that would overdraw your account, your card will be declined at the point of sale, causing a potentially embarrassing and inconvenient situation. 

Q. Is there a charge if my transaction is declined?
A. No, there is no fee if you opt-out of Debit Card Overdraft Services and your debit card is declined at a point-of-purchase.  But you may find yourself in a difficult situation that will require a different form of payment. 

Q. Will my debit card transaction be declined if I have enough in savings to cover the purchase?
A. If you have enrolled in our Overdraft Transfer service and have sufficient funds in your savings to cover your purchase, the funds will be transferred from your savings to your checking for a $12 fee - regardless of whether or not you have enrolled in overdraft services for your debit card.  However, if there wouldn't be enough in your savings for the purchase, and you have not opted-in, your purchase would be declined at the point of purchase unless you choose to continue Debit Card Overdraft Services.

Q. What about debit card transactions I have set up for paying regular bills?
A. The regulation does not include recurring debit card transactions. It is important to note, however, that these transactions must be coded properly by the merchant as re-occurring, if not they will be treated just like a one-time debit card transaction and may be declined if you choose to opt-out of Overdraft Services for your debit card and you don't have enough money in your account.

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