Stimulus Check.Stimulus Check.

Wondering About Your Stimulus Payment?

As Stimulus Payments begin to be distributed, you may have questions about how much you may receive, how your payment will be delivered and when. For more information or to check on the status or method of your payment, please visit
When payments begin, they will arrive by direct deposit, paper check or debit card.

  • Watching for your Direct Deposit: 
    If the IRS already has your account information from a tax payment, refund or previous stimulus payments, it is likely you will receive your payment by Direct Deposit. 

    We recommend using Online Banking to watch for your direct deposit to arrive or to set a deposit alert to notify you when it does.

    When payments begin, you may see it first as a pending deposit in Online Banking with a scheduled payment date as directed by the IRS.  Payments cannot be deposited prior to the scheduled payment date.

    If your direct deposit is directed to an account that has closed, we will make every attempt to redirect the deposit on your behalf to another of your accounts with Community First. In the rare event that we are unable to make the deposit, it will be returned to the IRS to be re-issued by paper check or debit card.

  • Depositing your Paper Check: 
    If the IRS does not have account information for you, or if the account information was inaccurate, your payments may be made by check.  You can deposit the check from home using Mobile Deposit in our App or visiting any Community First location. 

  • Using Your Stimulus Payment Debit Card: 
    If your payment is made by debit card, you can use it anywhere cards are accepted as payment.  Follow instructions provided with your card’s delivery.