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Important Information for 2022 Tax Preparation

To aid in your tax preparation, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions related to tax documents and direct deposit of tax returns here.



Q. What is the routing number or ABA number for Community First Credit Union?
A. CFCU’s Routing Number for direct deposit of tax returns or withdrawals of tax payments is 275982801.

Q. Where do I find my savings account or checking account number for automatic tax payment withdrawals or depositing my return?

A. The account number can be found on your statements or in Digital Banking.

On your statement, you can find your account numbers listed on the right side of the heading for each account. The account number can also be found under the Account Balance Overview section on the first page.
In Digital Banking, you can find the information in the same places listed above on your e-Statement. You can also find account numbers by clicking on the account in the home page, then click the Details tab.

Screen shot of account number on online banking.

Q. What kind of tax forms will I receive from Community First Credit Union?
A. The two most common type of tax forms you may receive are 1099-INT (reports the dividends/interest earned on deposits in 2022) and/or 1098 (provides information about interest paid on each mortgage loan in 2022.)

Q. When will I receive my forms?
A. Government regulations require that tax information be postmarked by January 31st, however we anticipate delivery well before that date.

Q. How will I receive my forms?
A. Your tax documents will be delivered in the same manner as your monthly statement.

  • If you receive mailed statements, you will receive forms by mail.

  • ​If you have chosen e-statements, you will receive an email notifying you forms are available to view in Digital Banking. The forms will NOT be attached to the email. For instructions where to find the forms in Digital Banking, please see below.

  • Guardian and Custodial accounts will receive paper statements, even if estatements are selected.

Q. Where can I find my forms online?
A. Tax forms can be found in Digital Banking under the Documents & Statements menu.  From there, you can choose Tax Forms to view and print your forms.



screen shot of e-documents tab in Online Banking.

If you're not signed up for Digital Banking or you have having problems accessing your account, please contact us via your preferred method listed in the last question on the page.

Q. Will I receive an individual 1099-INT for each deposit account?
A. No.  You will receive a single form totaling all the dividends you received on your deposit accounts in 2022 for which you are the Tax Reported Owner (TRO). 

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Tax forms are member-centric, and are displayed within Digital Banking only for the person connected to the login credentials.  To view tax forms for other Tax Reported Owners, you must login with that member’s credentials.

Q. Will I receive a separate 1099-INT if I redeemed a bond?
A. If you have other dividends and a bond redemption, interest for both will be combined on a single 1099.  If you have ONLY a bond redemption, the 1099 will reflect only the interest earned on the bond.

Q. Why didn’t I receive a 1099-INT?
A. You may not receive a 1099-INT if you earned less than $10 in interest. If you believe you should have received a form, please contact us via your preferred method listed in the last question on the page.

Q. What if I only received an online copy and I would like a paper copy?
A. You are able to print copies of your forms yourself through Digital Banking. If you need additional assistance, please contact us via your preferred method listed in the last question on the page.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about my taxes?
A. For specific tax related questions or advice, please consult a tax professional. For questions related to your accounts, please contact us via:

  • Secure Message within Digital Banking

  • email to

  • phone at 920-830-7200, Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm and Saturday, 7am to 1pm

  • or visit any branch location