Youth Scholarship Award Recipient

by: Mike King
Scholarship Winner.Justice Moore’s senior year at Kimberly High School isn’t going exactly according to plan, but her achievements in school and community have not gone unnoticed.

The 18-year-old Darboy resident is the 2020 recipient of the Celebrating Volunteers’ Youth Scholarship Award sponsored by Community First Credit Union. With the award, Moore will receive a $1,500 scholarship and $1,000 for the charity of her choice. She will use the scholarship to study foreign language and education at UW-Madison and has committed her charity award to the Kiwanis Club of Darboy.

An excellent student, Moore was chosen for her leadership as a volunteer, including:

  • Being as a role model to others who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Serving as a communication link for a student in youth soccer with intellectual disabilities and profound deafness.
  • Working with other intellectually delayed and deaf/hard of hearing peers and young students throughout the school district.
  • Speaks on the topic of overcoming disabilities to hearing students, helping to build a bridge between these communities.
  • Displaying leadership qualities in extracurriculars, especially with the KHS Key Club at the district level, serving as Division 7 Lieutenant Governor, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District Bulletin Editor and as District Governor.
  • Mentoring elementary students, particularly those with special needs.
  • Volunteering in an area nursing home with the KHS Young Women in the Community group.
“I was born deaf in both ears, said Moore, who had her first Cochlear Implant surgery at age 4 and a second surgery at 10. I’m proud to say that my hearing impairment hasn’t impaired my leadership abilities, she said. In fact, it has made me patient and it has given me a unique view of the world. I am driven by a team of teachers, friends, and family, she said. They inspire me every day to follow my passions."

'Caring and selfless’ 

Her nominator, Kimberly Teacher Valerie Guy, the district’s Teacher for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, said it’s been a genuine privilege to get to know Moore. “I have watched her mature. Her energy and enthusiasm have opened many doors for her. She is a role model as well as a volunteer in areas such as youth soccer.”

Moore volunteers to share her experiences with other deaf and hard of hearing peers, encouraging them in their self-advocacy, and also serves others in the community with the same hearing challenges. “She is an amazing young lady who goes above and beyond because she feels it is the right thing to do,” Guy said.

Another teacher, Kimberly Ringler, said Moore epitomizes the exemplary student who is a privilege to teach due to her determination and hard work.

“Justice's caring and selfless demeanor is what sets her apart from others,” Ringler said. “She is committed to serving others. As a volunteer, her positive attitude and energetic personality make her a great role model for these youth. She is the type of person who is destined to do amazing things.”

Her advanced level Spanish teacher, Stacie Reis, described Moore as someone of “seemingly endless ambition. She is smart, kind and determined. Justice has an incredibly positive demeanor and a high level of engagement that is truly contagious.”

Special role model

Moore’s primary role model – and only sibling – is her sister Liberty, a junior at UW-Madison studying audiology. “She inspires me because she is deaf like me and has faced many obstacles in her life, too,” she said. “She pushes me to try my best and take chances.”She is also “incredibly grateful” for her parents, Susan and Tyler Moore, for being their biggest support systems and promoters in a challenging world.

Moore attributes her desire to volunteer as somewhat of a payback for the kindness and support offered “by super cool and high-energy high school and college student volunteers” she was exposed to on Saturdays starting at age 4 during soccer season. “Now, 14 years later, I am one of those volunteers playing soccer with the kids.”

Servant leader

Moore has embraced many servant leadership opportunities, mostly during her four years with the KHS Key Club, a student-led service organization that is part of the Kiwanis family. For the last three years, Moore has helped organize the annual District Leadership Conference, setting up workshops, dances, elections and award ceremonies.

She is thrilled to be able to donate $1,000 to the Darboy Kiwanis Club for its strong support of Key Club activities. “This organization has truly changed my life for the better,” she said. “I’m very grateful to Kiwanis for giving students like me opportunities to be servant leaders in their homes, schools, and communities.”

Despite near term uncertainties, Moore is focused on her future.“My trip to Peru (2018 Spanish class immersion experience) was very influential in helping me realize my passion for Spanish,” she said. “My Spanish teachers also had a huge, positive impact on my life and goals.” Following college, Moore hopes to join the Peace Corps and teach English, preferably in a Spanish-speaking country. “After that, I would like to teach English abroad or become a Spanish professor,” she said.

Celebrating Volunteers

Community First has sponsored the Youth Scholarship Award since Celebrating Volunteers began in 1998. Over the years, award sponsors have given $723,000 to local charities selected by their award recipients.

To find out more about the other 2020 honorees and learn more about this annual program to recognize these impressive but selfless individuals, go to Celebrating Volunteers.

Justice is grateful for the recognition. “I’m incredibly thankful that part of my college tuition was paid off thanks to the generosity of Community First Credit Union,” she said.

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