Get ahead of the curve. Build signature lines into your home.

living room.

The world is full of hard edges. Especially when the outside world seems a bit harsh, making your home a calm haven elevates as a priority. One way to bring serenity into your living space is to find creative ways to repeat a shape. Circles, ovals, crescents, and organic shapes in nature introduce a free-flowing sensation that can echo in home design, room design and furnishings. Even the hard edges of geometric shapes disappear when repeated in a pattern. Whether you are refreshing just one room or planning your perfect home, there are many ways to incorporate peaceful vibes into your design.

Look back. Build forward.

Sometimes styles are fresh takes on the past. The Art Deco style popularized in the 1920s, '30s, and '40s pulled together rich colors, bold geometry, and rich details. If that sounds a bit like what you’re seeing in showrooms now – you’re right. The High Point Market, the world's largest furnishings industry trade show, noted the Art Deco influence in their summer-fall 2021 style report. "The streamlined profiles of Art Deco … are clearly gaining momentum." Are you intrigued, but not quite sure how to bring this classic look forward? Engaging the expertise of a local interior designer is an excellent way to demystify past and present styles. They'll help you blend your home design, material, and furniture selections into one cohesive and comforting space. 

Bold. On trend, yet timeless.

bathroom Coupled with another design trend of using a bold color as a neutral, creating an expanse of one bold color can soften the edges of a room and read as a neutral.  

Not sure how much boldness you can handle? This year’s Color of the Year choice by Sherwin Williams may offer the perfect solution. Evergreen Fog exudes calm, yet it can shine in various uses. From a den to a powder room or entry, it's a subtle neutral which transcends style and space. As a bonus, it also pairs perfectly with natural materials and textures.

Get a bead on the market.

Most people don't spend a lot of time pondering how two drywall sheets form a corner. Going with a standard 90-degree wrap (or corner bead) might seem like an obvious solution. Corner beads started life as an added layer of protection for wall corners, but now there's a bounty of options. Some corner beads offer an elegant half circle appearance (bullnose), others add interesting lines with a 45-degree angle (chamfer), and flex beads are used to help span beautiful arches. Yes, plastering expertise may add a bit more cost to your project, but it is a modest amount compared to the custom appearance and designer look you'll achieve. To understand your options the best bet is to talk to the pros to get the most up-to-date info. Visiting the website of your local home builders association for a list of builders will kick-start your process. "Home Builders Association of the Fox Cities' website provides consumers with a directory of its members; this online resource is beneficial when looking to hire a professional for your home building, remodeling, and financing needs," said HBAFC CEO Heidi Zich.

Go with the flow.

The very best way to tell how a style will match your taste is to experience it. At the Parade of Homes, you can see first-hand how recent home builds interpret the needs of modern living. Walking through a home, seeing how a kitchen can flow into a sunroom or a living room provides a whole new perspective. With your sharpened awareness, you might even notice how a shape such as an arch repeats throughout a layout.

Once you’ve had a chance to see different options, you may decide remodeling is the right answer for you. If so, you can look at financing options, including a home equity line of credit (HELOC) loan with access to funds for up to ten years or a home equity fixed-rate loan with a locked-in rate.
Or, you may decide that achieving your signature space requires a new build. Seeking local partners and getting a one-step construction loan will emphasize the excitement, not stress, in your building process.

Whether pulling in classic lines or opting for geometric patterns, finding shapes that appeal to you and incorporating them throughout your design might be just the 'wink' you're looking for to welcome you home.

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