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Verifast Features

Transaction Confirmed
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Viewable account info

ID check
Speedy personal identification

palm lock
Account access protection


As technology evolves to support faster, easier and more secure banking transactions, rest assured, we’ll find a way to make it available to our members.
When you visit any of our branch locations, you’ll notice a new feature at our teller lines. Verifast is a combination tablet/scanner that uses touch screen and palm identification technology to make your transactions …





tabletTablet Provides quick confirmation of your transaction Interact with an easy-to-use touch screen Privately displays balances and other info
Instantly confirms your identity Simply place your hand over the scanner Added protection that's unique to you

Here’s how it works:

  1. You walk into any of our branches and initiate your request with one of our friendly tellers.

  2. Using the optional palm identification technology, your identity is confirmed and your accounts accessed by simply placing your hand over the scanner.

  3. When the teller begins to process your request, your transaction and account information will be presented on the tablet, providing the additional peace of mind that comes with viewing and authorizing your transaction from start to finish. You’ll also use the tablet to sign for your transaction, if required.

What it Means for You

Verifast is not a replacement for personal interaction and face-to-face conversations with our staff, but instead a means to continue providing the best and most secure member experience possible. In addition to offering an improved verification and signature process, the Verifast tablet is adjustable, so it can be positioned to ensure only you can see your sensitive information.

Why You Should Use Palm Identification

In short, the biometric technology used by our scanners is regarded as one of the most trusted forms of identification available to ensure you (and only you) can access your account. With nearly five million verification points present in your palm, the technology has become a more accurate identifier than fingerprints, eyes or facial features. Not to mention, you won’t feel a thing – not even a tingle. It’s currently in use at many top credit unions nationwide, and we’ve been using it to securely access our computers and software for several years.
It only takes a minute or two to enroll with the guidance of our team. Simply present a photo ID and scan your hand. It’s that simple. When your enrollment is complete, you’ll be able to use Verifast inside any branch location to access your accounts.
Our team members are available to answer any questions you may have about Verifast features, setup and security. In the meantime, here are a few other points that may interest you.

Q: Will Verifast be used on drive-up transactions, too?
A: Not at this time. Our Wisconsin weather is too unpredictable for the technology to work consistently.
Q: Is using Verifast sanitary?
A: Very little contact is involved when using either of the Verifast components, but rest assured that we will keep the devices regularly cleaned and disinfected.
Q: I have a password on my account. Do I still need to use it?
A: It is entirely up to you whether you still want to require a password. Because Verifast only works at the lobby teller line at this time, we recommend maintaining the password for drive-up, MSR desk, or phone transactions as well.
Q: Am I required to use palm identification?
A: Using palm identification is encouraged for optimal security and efficiency, but is not required.
Q: Is it secure? Where are you storing the picture of my palm? How else can the data be used?
A:  This technology is among the most reliable and secure available. When you place your palm over the scanner, it’s not taking a picture. Instead, think of your hand as a “key.” The Verifast scanner measures millions of points in the vein pattern of your palm to create a “lock” only your hand can open. Once registered, that “lock” is stored in our secured system the same way your other sensitive information with us is protected. Plus, the “lock” only works in association with your accounts at our credit union, so without you and your hand, it has no purpose or function. 

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