Storage Hub Offers Options to Meet Self-Storage Demand

Open storage unit filled with boxes and furniture.

It’s been over a dozen years since the reality TV show Storage Wars glamorized and popularized the self-storage industry in the U.S.


Using self-storage units for short- and long-term rentals has become a relatively big business throughout the country as Americans continue accumulating stuff and need somewhere to put it.


Clever names like Tuck It Away, Just For U, It’s Not Junk, Store It All, and Uncle Bob’s self-storage dot the landscape. They are mostly on non-prime parcels of land that entice people to securely store their precious – and sometimes not-so-precious, as Storage Wars often revealed – things away from the homestead.


Several years ago, Curtis Klish saw how residents in the Green Bay area had a continuing appetite for acquiring new toys (such as boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, collector cars, etc.) that no longer fit in their homes or garages. Meanwhile, many were also fond of hanging onto things that might (they hope) someday have some value to someone.


Self-storage became increasingly attractive since most people had the desire to declutter their homes, garages and yards. Buying a bigger home wasn’t in the cards for most, so they turned to the next best thing: affordable storage units.


Today, 21% of Americans already use self-storage, while another 15% more say they intend to rent a unit in the future.


Self-employed @ Self-storage

As the owner of Storage Hub mini-storage in Green Bay and Bellevue, Klish loves being self-employed. He also knows he doesn’t have all the answers, so he regularly seeks input from successful business people.


Storage Hub Business Owner Curtis Klish“All my storage units are new,” said Klish, a Community First Credit Union business member-owner for almost a decade. “Running a small business is great – I love being an entrepreneur. I’m glad I have Community First on my side to settle out some of the waves.”


He also looks forward to his in-person visits with Community First’s Brent Jensen (VP Business Lending) for the savvy and experienced business insights he gets as a business member.


Klish considers Jensen a trusted advisor who is “always working in my best interest. Brent does a great job, giving me pointers and tips on how to deal with the coming economy and things that I don’t think of,” said Klish.


“Curtis has continued to build and expand his three mini-storage locations, so I probably sit down with Curtis 4-5 times a year to go over his project plans,” said Jensen, who has more than 30 years of commercial lending experience.


He said his guidance sometimes involves harnessing Klish’s energy and eagerness to expand, recommending additional market and risk analysis. “Curtis is always willing to listen and appreciates the guidance and advice,” Jensen said.


Klish has found his credit union to be very responsive. “The amount of help that Community First gives me and the amount of turnaround time that they require is small, which definitely helps small guys out a lot.”


“My relationship with Community First is amazing,” Klish said. “The service, the interest rates, the closing costs, the people that take care of me when I come in the bank are always outstanding. Very forthcoming. I bank at Community First in Bellevue and love it.”


Backed with flexible financial products, creative, individualized solutions, and local market expertise, our Business Services Team is equipped to serve your company, non-profit organization, or municipality – no matter the size.


Community First stands ready with financing opportunities as your needs evolve, helping to make your business dreams become reality.


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