The Entryway: Your Home’s First Impression

Entryway home design trends for 2023.

When we think about home design, many of us tend to focus on the areas we’ll be hosting and entertaining our friends and loved ones: the living room, kitchen, guest room, and bath. What few of us consider is the first thing our guests see upon entering our home – the entryway. 

Whether we’re proud to admit it or not, the first few steps someone takes through the front door offer a preview of everything from our organization skills, to our personal taste, and even our cleanliness, which is why experts suggest making the entryway more than an afterthought.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

For those of us in the Midwest, it’s hard not to think about the approaching winter months, or the mess that comes with it. A few wall hooks and a rug might not be enough to stow away all the winter gear and slushy boots your family and guests will be donning come November. 

If you’re shopping for a new home, be on the lookout for an entryway closet or cabinets that can accommodate everything you need to store. For those building or renovating, consider how to make the most of a small space. Shelving and drawers allow for tidy storage and organization, although ceiling-high cabinetry often provides a more polished and private solution for keeping items out of sight. It might be a larger investment on the front end, but a custom build that matches or compliments your home’s woodwork could be just what you need to avoid clutter and restore calm. 


Make a Statement

If storage is less of an issue in your home, this could be a great opportunity to go grand. Even the tiniest entryway can be transformed into something show-stopping with a bold coat of paint or decorative light fixture. 

If your entryway feels cramped or narrow, playing with light is a great way to create the illusion of a larger space. Choose a bright, warm paint color to open up the room and make the space more inviting. Hanging a mirror on the wall is another simple technique to bring in more natural light. Finally, if the height of your ceiling allows for it, hang a decorative, oversized chandelier to incorporate a “wow” factor that will have your guests talking long after they pass through the door. 


Let Your Personality Shine

Perhaps what you want most out of your entryway isn’t more storage or space, but instead an opportunity to communicate your personality to anyone passing through. This is where art, antiques, and refinished (or repurposed) furniture can go a long way to support self-expression.

If you’re starting fresh with new construction or updating your current home, patterned floor tiles are a fun way to add visual interest to the space. Have stairs nearby? Modernizing an existing stairwell with a clean whitewash effect, metal railing, or even glass siding can help your entryway stand out for all the right reasons. 


Ready to Make a Change?

With so many ideas to explore, you might be wishing you could see and experience a few options before you make any investments. Luckily, the Fall 2023 Fall Parade of Homes is right around the corner, providing an up-close look at some of the Home Builders Association of the Fox Cities’ newly constructed and remodeled homes. Discover the latest entryway trends for yourself, and jot down a few of your favorite features as you go.

If you’re inspired to remodel your existing entryway, consider financing options like a home equity fixed-rate loan with a locked-in rate or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) loan with access to funds for up to ten years.  

Ready to take things a step further? If an updated entryway is just a portion of your new-and-improved home vision, it might be time to work with a trusted financial partner. They can help you determine what you can afford, and walk you through lending ratios and monthly payment estimates. Community First Credit Union can help you find a way to design the home of your dreams.

No longer will your entryway simply provide a conduit to the rest of your home; it will serve as a natural extension of other well-thought-out and well-designed rooms throughout. Beyond the first impression, it may just leave a lasting one. 

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