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EMV Chip Cards

Community First Credit Cards and Check Cards have EMV chip technology built right in. This technology is one of the most effective tools available to prevent the spread of fraud. Chip-enabled cards help protect your information and make it more difficult for potential fraudsters to obtain your data.   

What is EMV Chip Technology?

EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) is micro-chip technology that provides increased security capabilities. Originating in Europe, EMV technology has been instrumental in preventing the spread of fraud, and is becoming the chosen method of payment in the United States.   

How it Works

When you make a purchase using a chip-enabled terminal, the small metallic chip on the front of your EMV chip card will encrypt your card information - making it more difficult to compromise, giving you greater peace-of-mind. This additional layer of security provides greater protection for you while also helping to reduce expenses Community First incurs each year due to fraud.

Two Ways to Pay

In addition to the EMV chip, EMV chip cards continue to include a magnetic stripe allowing you to use your card anywhere, including merchants and ATMs with traditional terminals. While purchases made at EMV chip-enabled terminals offer greater protection, all transactions made with your credit or check card are protected by fraud monitoring and $0 liability for unauthorized purchases. Below is a diagram that walks you through how you will use your a chip card at an EMV terminal. 

Enjoy Global Acceptance

Your EMV chip card is the perfect traveling companion when planning international visits. You'll enjoy greater acceptance when traveling as chip cards are common in many countries around the world including Europe and Canada. Since your EMV chip card has a magnetic stripe and embedded chip, you can use it wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Using your EMV Chip Card is Easy

1. Insert your card into the terminal or ATM with the chip facing up. 

 If the terminal or ATM is not chip card-enabled, swipe your card with the magnetic stripe.

2. Keep your card in the terminal, and follow the prompts on screen until your transaction is complete. 

3. Remove your card when prompted.
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Benefits of using a chip card
Chip card demonstration video
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