Taking a personal interest in helping you pay less interest.

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Online, over the phone or in person.

No matter what route you take, talk to us before you start your search. We’ll provide options for you to save money like with bi-weekly or weekly payments. We can even help track down the right vehicle for you at the best value.

Earn loan discounts.

Receive up to a 1% loan rate discount when you have a checking account and use services like Direct Deposit and AutoPay (automatically scheduled loan payments).

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If you have

Your discount

Checking + AutoPay .5%
Checking + AutoPay + Direct Deposit 1%


Financing for whatever moves you.

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re in the market for, we can help make it yours affordably. Our lowest rates are good on terms up to 72 months so you can get more vehicle without having to pay higher rates.


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Cars, Trucks, SUVs & Vans

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Boats & Watercraft

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Campers & RVs

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Calculate a vehicle payment.

Our helpful calculators are available to accelerate your decision. If you still have questions, just give us a call or stop by.

This information may help you analyze your financial needs. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation. The calculations do not infer that Community First Credit Union assumes any fiduciary duties. The calculations provided should not be construed as financial, legal or tax advice. In addition, such information should not be relied upon as the only source of information. This information is supplied from sources we believe to be reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Hypothetical illustrations may provide historical or current performance information. Past performance does not guarantee nor indicate future results.

We’ll keep you covered.

Our concern for you doesn’t simply end on the day we set you up with financing that saves you money. We also offer options that provide peace of mind and protect you and your purchase every day.


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Significant savings on warranty options compared to other providers

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Payment protection to assist you when the unexpected happens

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Coverage for the “GAP” between what you owe and your vehicle’s value

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Excellent rates on insurance from the Community First Insurance Center

Becoming a member is easy.

If you’re not a member-owner yet, it’s simple to join and start saving. Begin your loan request and we’ll set up your membership as part of the process.

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