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‘Meraki Warriors’ Rally for a Reason in Green Bay

Community First helps sponsor event to raise funds for center serving at-risk children, families

July 11, 2019

A team of Community First colleagues calling themselves the Meraki Warriors were among 60 teams that participated this spring in a scavenger hunt to benefit Howe Community Resource Center in Green Bay.

Alicia Vanness said the fifth annual Rally for a Reason is similar to the popular TV show ‘Amazing Race’ but “Brown County-style” with clues to local destinations. Community First helped sponsor this year’s event to benefit the Resource Center’s programming for at-risk children and families.

“This event was such a blast,” said Tessa Tonnon, who has fond memories of attending the Howe School several years ago. “It was wonderful to see something helping out this center. I still have fond memories of the building and playground at Howe.”

Another teammate fell in love with the mission of the Resource Center and the passion of its teachers and employees. “I grew up in the Green Bay area and although I knew of Howe School, and knew they helped families out with schooling, I was unaware of exactly how much and what they did for these families and kids,” said Andrea Huber. “The passion is amazing.”

The rally took almost three hours to complete and the Meraki Warriors finished in the top 25, scoring 62% and earning 205 points out of 330 possible points on quizzes and number of codes scanned (18 of 25 locations found). Overall, the rally raised $50,000.

“It is a great team-building experience for an even better cause,” said Vanness. “They seek to support children and families at this school who are in need, through education and providing home visits, financial support, mental health support, enrichment events, snacks, coats and jackets for many who walk to school and go without.”

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