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Online Banking upgrade, mobility features praised

CFCU members enjoy smooth transition, easy navigation, 24-7 convenience

August 5, 2013

Liz Syring has always been a fan of Online Banking but now she’s finding it more convenient than ever.

When Liz logged onto the upgraded Online Banking after August 6, she found the new “Quick Pay Zone” and discovered a simple, convenient shortcut. “That’s awesome – just select a bill to pay and you’re done.”

She has joined thousands of CFCU members who appreciate the cleaner graphics, easy navigation and three new mobility features that provide on-the-go access from virtually anywhere at any time.

“With the new Quick Transfer and Quick Pay Zone, everything is on one page,” Liz said. “I don’t have to click around. It has saved me a ton of time – I love it.”

It has never been easier for Community First members to manage accounts, check balances, review transaction history, transfer money, pay bills and more!

Other members have also been impressed with the changes, including simplified fund transfers, opening additional sub-accounts, Mobile banking and Text banking options.

“The upgraded website is great – the navigation is fantastic,” said Ron Flittner, Member/Owner.

Kathy Westover, another member/owner, agrees, saying, “The updated CFCU website rocks; it looks and navigates great!”

“The Mobile App is really slick,” adds member/owner Diana Tanner.

“You get an A+ for customer service,” said member/owner, Chad Siehr.

The transition has been carefree and seamless – all the login information stayed the same, including your user ID, password and security settings.

If you have any questions, please stop in at any branch or call (920) 830-7200 or toll free at (866) 273-2328.