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Fraud Alerts

Protect your financial information by being aware of these current scams and security threats.


A new attempt to trick you into sharing your online banking UserID and Password has come to our attention.

An email stating that your account has been locked, and asks you to verify your account by following a link in the message. The link takes you to a fraudulent site whose sole purpose is to capture your Online Banking credentials to gain access to your accounts.

Do not respond to or take action on these types of emails.  Instead, contact us by phone to verify the status of your accounts or login into Online Banking at our website, not through a link provided in a message.

While Online Banking has multiple layers of security to thwart fraudsters, it is always best to be proactive in protecting your accounts.  If you believe you have given your personal information by mistake:
  • contact our Member Contact Center at (920) 830-7200 or 1-866-273-2328.
  • Update your Online Banking Password 
  • Refresh Online Banking Security Questions
  • Setup Online Banking notifications to more actively monitor your account activity.