ATM Skimming: Signs and Safeguards

Card being inserted into ATMATMs are supposed to provide a convenient way to perform self-service banking transactions at any time, day or night. However, several recent reports of skimming incidents originating from local credit union ATMs have caused quite the inconvenience – and worry – for several Fox Cities residents.
At this time, Community First Credit Union has NOT encountered evidence of tampering on any of its ATMs, and no instances of ATM transaction fraud have been reported.


What is Skimming?

Skimming occurs when a counterfeit device is installed on an ATM, point-of-sale (POS) terminal, or fuel pump, and disguised as legitimate parts of the original machine. The device then captures a user’s card number and PIN, which criminals use to attempt cash withdrawals or make fraudulent purchases.


Minimize Your Risk

To support the continued safety and convenience of banking transactions for all of our members, we encourage you to employ the following best practices:
  • Monitor your account activity with digital banking. We offer several notification features to alert you of any transactions taking place on your accounts.

  • Opt to perform your banking transactions at our in-branch or drive-thru teller lines during regularly scheduled business hours.

  • Never share your passwords, PINs, or personal information with others

  • Cover the PIN pad when entering your PIN

  • Inspect ATMs for signs of tampering, such as:

    • Loose, crooked, or damaged card readers

    • Sticky residue or scratches

    • Difficulty or resistance when inserting your card

Reporting Suspected Skimming

In the meantime, we continue to inspect and monitor all CFCU ATMs daily for any signs of tampering. If you encounter unusual activity on your account, suspect you’ve been a victim of skimming fraud, and/or identify any signs of tampering at a CFCU ATM, contact us immediately so we can take steps to protect your accounts: (920) 830-7200.

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