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Community First Checking Accounts



Direct Benefit

Choice Checking


The freedom of an all-around easy account with no minimum balance and no monthly service fees.

The basic choice for earning interest with low minimum balance requirements.

All the benefits of Regular Checking but with additional rewards for having direct deposit or payroll deduction.

The ultimate reward for your relationship. Earn a high rate of interest on your entire checking balance.

Earn Interest
See rate chart
  checkmark checkmark checkmark
Qualifies for Loan Discount
(see details below)
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Choice of free paper or estatements
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Unlimited check writing
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
No charge for money orders 
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Complimentary CFCU checks
First Order
Periodic bonuses on CDs
Preferred money market rates
Minimum deposit to open
$5 $5 $5 $5
Monthly usage fee

$0 if min. daily balance maintained, otherwise $5/mo.

$0 if min. daily balance maintained, otherwise $5/mo. $0 if min. daily balance maintained, otherwise $10/mo.
Eliminating usage fees
You're free of monthly fees and minimums. Maintain a daily checking balance of at least $200. Maintain a daily checking balance of at least $200 and direct deposit or payroll deduction. Maintain $15,000 in deposits, $25,000 in loan balances, OR $30,000 in total deposit and loan balances.2
See rate chart disclosure.


Make the switch to Community First checking.

Earn loan discounts.

Receive up to a 1% loan rate discount when you have a checking account and use services like Direct Deposit and AutoPay (automatically scheduled loan payments).


If you have

Your discount

Checking + AutoPay .5%
Checking + AutoPay + Direct Deposit 1%


Use your loan discount on these types of loans.

Note: Loan discounts qualify for new loans and refinanced loans from other financials.


Rates & terms to earn dividends

Checking Account Rates
TypeMinimum BalanceDividend RateAPY1
Member's Choice CheckingAll Balances 20.250.25
Direct Benefit & Regular Checking$5,000+0.150.15
Direct Benefit & Regular Checking$500 - $4,999.990.050.05
Free Checking $00.000.00


Budgeting Calculators

Use the calculators to help you balance your checking account or figure out how much you’re spending each month on expenses.

This information may help you analyze your financial needs. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation. The calculations do not infer that Community First Credit Union assumes any fiduciary duties. The calculations provided should not be construed as financial, legal or tax advice. In addition, such information should not be relied upon as the only source of information. This information is supplied from sources we believe to be reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Hypothetical illustrations may provide historical or current performance information. Past performance does not guarantee nor indicate future results.


Make purchases and get cash – all with one card.

A Community First Visa® Debit Card is an easy and secure way to pay from your checking account whether you’re online, on the phone or at your favorite store – anywhere Visa is accepted. 

Easy to use. Simple to manage.

Get cash, make payments and view account activity in real time.

Your transactions are always protected.

EMV security.

Cards are protected with high security EMV chip technology

VISA Secure

Advanced security for online transactions with Visa Secure

Unique PIN.

Choose your own unique Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Fraud protection.

Zero liability for fraud and protection from unauthorized purchases

Ask for your Community First Visa Debit Card today.

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EMV Chip Protection

EMV chip-enabled cards make it more difficult for fraudsters to obtain your data. When using a chip-enabled terminal, the small metallic chip encrypts your information - making it more difficult to compromise, giving you greater peace-of-mind. EMV chip cards continue to include a magnetic stripe allowing you to use your card anywhere chip readers are not yet installed.

EMV chip protection.

Caring for you and your card.

When your card is mailed to you, specific instructions will be included with the steps to activate your card. If you have questions or need assistance:

  • Visit us in person at any branch location.

  • Call us during business hours (M – F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sat. 7:00 am - 1:00 pm) at 920-830-7200 or 1-866-273-2328 (toll-free)

Please contact us immediately to report your card missing. 

  • During business hours (M- F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sat. 7:00 am - 1:00 pm) call 920-830-7200 or 1-866-273-2328 (toll-free)

  • After business hours please call 1-866-820-8847

If wear and tear on your card has made it difficult or impossible to use, you can request a replacement card. Your card number will not change.

  • Visit us in person at any branch location.

  • ​Call us during business hours (M- F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sat. 7:00 am - 1:00 pm) at 920-830-7200 or 1-866-273-2328 (toll-free)

What should I do if there is an unauthorized transaction on my Visa Debit Card?

  • Visit us in person at any branch location.

  • ​Call us during business hours (M- F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sat. 7:00 am - 1:00 pm) at 920-830-7200 or 1-866-273-2328 (toll-free).

  • After hours call 1-800-264-5578 for assistance.

How can we be of service?

When you’re a member-owner at Community First Credit Union, you are treated like you own the place because you do!

Save a trip with Direct Deposit.

It’s quick and easy to have your paycheck or other regular deposits automatically deposited into your checking account, your savings, or even multiple accounts. The service is free and offers you greater security in managing your money.


To set up direct deposit:

1. Request your employer’s Direct Deposit Form or use our form

2. You’ll need the CFCU routing number – 275982801

3. Your account number that appears at the bottom of your checks or in the account details section of Online Banking

4. Return the completed form to your payroll department

direct deposit.

Be protected from overdrawing your account.

To help you avoid non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees from retailers, we will transfer funds from your other deposit account(s) to your checking account when the available balance in your checking account is not enough to cover a transaction. A fee will be assessed for each transaction that is covered. 
See fee chart for current costs.

To enroll in Check or ACH Transaction Overdraft Protection, visit your nearest branch location or call us at 920-830-7200 and let us know that you would like to set up Overdraft Protection.

To help you avoid your transaction from being declined due to a lack of funds, we will transfer the funds from your other deposit account(s) to your checking account when the available balance in your account is not enough to cover a transaction. You may opt-in to Debit Card Overdraft Services to allow debit card purchases to overdraw your account, with applicable fees.
See fee chart for current costs.
To opt-in to Debit Card Overdraft Services:

  • Submit a Secure Form in Online Banking - Log into Online Banking (the upper right hand corner). Click Services > Secure Forms. Complete the Debit Card Overdraft Service and submit.

  • Visit your nearest branch location or call us at 920-830-7200 and let us know that you would like to opt-in to Debit Card Overdraft Protection.

Q. Do I have to sign up for both types?

A. You may choose to only have Check/ACH overdraft protection, but to have Debit Card overdraft protection, you must enroll in both.

Q. Why are there two different types of overdraft protection?

A. Federal regulations require you sign-up to maintain overdraft services specifically for debit card transactions. Otherwise your debit card purchases may be declined if you do not have enough money in your account even if you have had overdraft protection in the past.

Q. I've never overdrawn my account (or have only used it once or twice); I don't need overdraft services.

A. You may never need it. Sometimes, though, mistakes happen through no fault of your own. By opting-in, you can avoid the additional inconvenience of having your transactions declined or expensive fees from retailers. Remember, the protection costs you nothing if you never use it.

Q. If I don't have the money, I don't want to overdraw my account.

A. From time to time, unintentional overdrafts can happen. By opting-in, you can avoid the additional inconvenience of having your transactions denied or checks returned. Remember, this protection costs you nothing if you never use it. 

Q. How much does it cost?

A. If you never use overdraft services, it costs you nothing. It's just there in case you need it. See the fee chart for current costs.

Q. If I opt-in or opt-out, can I change my mind later?

A. Yes. You may change your selection at anytime. Simply contact us.

Q. Does my spouse (or any joint member) have to sign also?

A. No. Just one account owner's consent is needed.

Q. If my account is overdrawn, am I still charged for each occurrence?

A. If you choose to have on your account, a fee will apply for each transaction that overdraws your account. The total number of overdraft fees (from any source) you can receive in a single day is limited to six. Likewise, the protection costs you nothing if you never use it.

Q. What do I have to do if I have more than one checking account?

A.  Multiple accounts aren't a problem. Simply make your selection for each account number.

Q. What do you mean my debit card will be declined if I don't Opt-In?

A. If you do not give us permission to authorize a purchase that would overdraw your account, your card will be declined at the point of sale, causing a potentially embarrassing and inconvenient situation.

Q. Is there a charge if my debit card transaction is declined?

A. No, there is no fee if you opt-out of Debit Card Overdraft Services and your debit card is declined at a point-of-purchase. But you may find yourself in a difficult situation that will require a different form of payment.

Your funds are insured.

Have peace-of-mind knowing your deposits are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Additional Member Services

The perfect gift - these gift cards can be used everywhere Visa® is accepted for purchases. You choose the amount (min. $25) and the recipient chooses when and where to use it!

Cards available at any Community First branch location.

  • $3.50 activation fee for each card issued

Money Orders

Money orders are available at any Community First branch and can be used for virtually any transaction. You specify the amount and the payee for the money order. Funds can be deducted from your account or you can use cash. There is no charge for money orders if you have Direct Benefit Checking and Member's Choice Checking. Otherwise a small fee applies.

Cashier's Checks

For convenience and security, use a cashier's check the next time you need to make a large cash payment or purchase. They are safer to send than cash and can be made payable to a third party. A small fee applies.

Bring the change from your piggy bank in to any of our branch locations and we'll count your coins. There is no cost to member-owners. Limited locations also have a self-service coin counting unit that will deposit the money directly into your account.

Whether you're interested in developing a workable spending and savings plan, getting out of debt, taking a look at your credit report, buying a home, or planning for your financial future, Community First Credit Union wants to help. That's why we've provided access to free and confidential financial counseling and education through BALANCE.

Store your valuables in a Community First Credit Union safe deposit box where you are assured the safety and security.

See branch locations for availability. For sizes and fees, please call for details.

Notary Public

As a membership convenience, representatives are available at every branch to witness signatures and certify documents.

US Savings Bonds

Effective January 1, 2012, the U.S. Treasury ended sales of paper savings bonds through financial institutions, making them exclusively available via the Treasury website at

Community First continues to redeem existing U.S. Savings Bonds at our branches.

Night Deposit Box

Aside from our convenient ATMs, you can deposit money after business hours in our night deposit boxes at each of our convenient locations.


We're here to help.

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